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Cloud mining you say?

So mining is increasingly hardenned and more and more expensive. While regrouping in pools helped, we had to regroup one step more.

By buying miners in bulk and puting them in strategicaly chosen locations (cheap electricity, cold weather, ...) the price drops down again and the profitability of mining goes up.

You can rent or even buy hashrate in those operations. Hashrate is the unit of power to mining

By doing so you don't have to worry about anything anymore: electricity, maintenance, sowntime, ... everything is taken care of at the lowest price possible!

Everything you have to do is chose how much power you need, pay a one time fee (which can be lowered using our promo code) and then profit of the daily payouts on your wallet.

Never bother about it again and earn bitcoins everyday!

Payouts interface on Hashflare

To compare all of these solutions use Sha 256 cloud mining's services.

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